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Faults and Repairing Methods of Coupling

In common use, four kinds of faults usually happen on couplings:
1. The tooth surface of coupling is worn out seriously.
2. The gear ring of coupling has great axial displacement and even can’t mesh.
3. Broken gear tooth happens on coupling;
4. Counterpart bolt of coupling breaks off.

The reasons why faults occur include two aspects as follow:
1. Lifting accessories of coupling lack oil. Or oil is used improperly, causing oil calcification and no lubrication between tooth surfaces or unsuitable lubrication causes serious wear between tooth surfaces.
Repairing methods: as long as replace new grease, inject qualified grease on schedule, prevent oil spill and make sure oil is enough, it can be avoided.

2. The level of two axis and alignment error is much too big, which is beyond the scope coupling can compensate, making axial tooth and tooth mesh inaccurately, resulting in local contact so there is additional torque.
Repairing methods: this kind of fault is hard to handle, stopping producing is necessary. That is to say, to correct, or to correct reduction gear, or to correct coiling block. First of all, find the part which has larger bias error, before that we must measure to which side the deviation of coupling is, namely measure the levelness of the spindle and coaxial degree and the levelness of the reducer shaft alignment, and correct according to quality standard, the fault can be eliminated.

In addition, the levelness and concentricity of the two axes have big error, causing coupling rolling unsuitable. Basically the same reason as the gear wear of lifting accessories coupling, besides normal force, joint bolt also bears additional bending moment, thus it breaks, which is the main reason. This is mainly caused by the huge levelness elevation difference between the right and left of reducer’s main shaft. Moreover, the diameter of bolt is thin, strength being not enough or poor bolt material also can cause the phenomenon of bolt break. 

Faults and Repairing Methods of Coupling


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