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The difference of single diaphragm coupling and double diaph

Diaphragm coupling is composed of at least one diaphragm and two sleeve. The difference of single diaphragm coupling and double diaphragm coupling is to deal with all kinds of deviation ability is different, the need of diaphragm bending, so single diaphragm coupling can not adapt to the eccentric. The double diaphragm coupling can also tune in different directions, in order to compensate for eccentricity.
1 before installation should first check whether the prime mover and work machine two concentric, with a packing paper and scratches whether two surface coupling 2.5 coupling hole if there is debris, the hole edges have bumps, such as shaft and half coupling should be cleaned, bruised handle riffler. Then check the shaft hole diameter and 2.5 coupling is the same diameter and length of the original motivation, work machine length size frequernt. General selection, so that the original motivation and work machine side half coupling length is less than the shaft length 10 - 30mm as well.
2 in order to facilitate the installation, it is better to be the 2.5 coupling on the insulation box or tank 120--150 for preheating, the hole size is easily installed on the big. After installation to ensure not protruding half coupling shaft end, with Qi Ping as well. Between the two half coupling distance: flange along the inner sides of the two half coupling measure 3--4 point readings were averaged and the lengthened segment with two patch group measured size and the error within 0 0.4mm range.
The 3 is: with dialgage detection two half coupling flange end face and the outer circle beat, when the flange outer circle is less than 250mm jumping value should be less than 0.05mm; when the flange of the outer circle is larger than 250mm, the jumping value should be less than 0.08.
4: the mounting bolt bolt from the flange lateral holes penetrated from another nut flange lateral disc hole sleeve on the cushion sleeve, an elastic washer, twist, wrench the nut tight. Such as the installation of discomfort or demolition replacement, and does not damage the shaft and a half, please according to figure 3 to figure 7 as a tool and installation. After installation, no effort for good turn freely.
5 operator notes: should first check whether the coupling nut loose or fall off in the start-up equipment before, if in time to tighten the nut with the wrench. Should first load boot device 1 minutes after the load pipeline valve open down in reverse order. (please monthly brushing again with oil outside the coupling). Import pump valve
6, practice has proved, such as according to the instructions and requirements for the number of days to start installation, maintenance, operation, diaphragm coupling in 1--5 times, the membrane life at least 5 years. If not according to the specification requirements for installation, maintenance and operation, especially the wrong direction of bolt deformation of diaphragm or motor and machine two axis offset over the metropolitan diaphragm in advance.


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