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How to choose the type of elastic coupling

Many different types of coupling, coupling the specific use is not the same, in different industries are not the same function. The good performance of the coupling linkage, the elastic coupling is a kind of good performance of coupling. Let us take a look in the choice of this coupling should from which aspects to consider:
1 basic types must first determine the coupling, this time can use the encoder, encoder generally is suitable for parallel or threaded coupling, motor and servo motor is if you have to choose the diaphragm coupling, coupling or die sliding block coupling etc.;
2 from the coupling torque to choose, if you only know the power of the motor, but do not know when the motor torque, going through the calculation formula to calculate, ensure the correct calculation of coupling torque;
3 from the inner hole, the diameter and length of coupling up to consider, should pay attention to in the hole, the coupling length and diameter are required to be qualified, otherwise there will be problems when used;
All of the above several aspects need to pay attention to in the selection of the coupling, coupling use is very wide, and it pulley, in the transmission process is an indispensable part of.


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