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Selection Process of Couplings

Choose standard couplings. 
When choosing couplings, designers should first consider couplings that have been set up to national standards, mechanical industry standard couplings and that have won national patent, only when the existing standard couplings and patent couplings can't meet the design needs, they have to design their couplings.

Choose the varieties and types of couplings.
Learn about comprehensive functions of the coupling in transmission system, take overall design of the transmission system into consideration to select variety and type. Choose varieties of couplings according to comprehensive factors such as the type of prime mover, work load, working speed, the transmission accuracy, the condition of two axis deviation, temperature, humidity and work environment. 

Adjust models according to the diameter of axle.
Preliminary selected coupling dimensions, namely the axle hole diameter d and length of the shaft hole L should comply with the main, driven end diameter of axle, or the specifications of the coupling should be adjusted according to the diameter of axle d. The difference of diameter of master and slave side of axle is not a common phenomenon, when the speed of torque and rotational is the same, diameter of the main, driven end of axle is different, choose coupling model should according to big diameter of axle. In the new designed transmission system, seven shaft hole types that conforms to the specification in GB/T3852 should be chosen, J1 type is recommended for the shaft hole pattern, in order to improve the versatility and interchangeability, the length of the shaft hole should be based on coupling product standard.

Select connection type.
The choice of coupling type depends on connection type of the main and driven end shaft, generally linkage is adopted. To unify linkage type and code, the provisions in the GB/T3852 include seven kinds of key type and four kinds of keyless connection, of which type A key is used more often.

Selection Process of Couplings


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