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JS grid coupling

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Characteristics and applications
JS grid coupling: it is a kind of advanced metal elastic coupling. It transfers torque by a snake shaped spring. Its transmission characteristics and advantages are as follows:
1, good vibration, long service life on the serpentine spring axial coupling embedded in two 36%. Serpentine spring trapezoidal section with high-quality spring steel, heat treated strictly, and special processing, has good mechanical properties, so that the service life of the coupling is far better than the metal flexible coupling (such as elastic sleeve pin, nylon pin coupling) for growth.
2, under varying load range, tooth surface starting safety 2.5 and reed coupling contact is curved, when the transfer torque increases, spring will arc along the tooth deformation, the coupling effect in 2.5 on the spring near the point. The change of the moment of contact between the reed and the tooth surface, that is, changes with the size of the torque, and its transmission characteristics are variable stiffness. Therefore, it can bear greater load change than the general elastic coupling. It can be seen from the following diagram that the buffering effect of the transmission force on the reed deformation along the tooth arc, especially when the machine starts or has strong impact load, has a certain degree of protection for the safety of the matching parts.
3, the transmission efficiency is high and the running efficiency of the reliable coupling is up to 99.47%. The short time overload capacity is two times of the rated torque, and the operation is safe and reliable.
4, the noise is low, the lubrication is good, the aluminum alloy cover is protected by the spring to avoid running outward, and the shell is filled with butter, which not only makes the lubrication well, but also eliminates the noise of the reed mesh when it is absorbed by the butter.
5, the structure is simple, the assembly and disassembly is convenient, the whole machine parts are few, the volume is small, the weight is light. The design of the trapezoidal cross section spring piece with the trapezoidal tooth groove is very convenient and close, so that the assembly and disassembly and maintenance are simpler than the general coupling.
6, allow large installation deviation due to the contact between the spring plate and the tooth arc surface, so that the coupling can be more flexible. It can be installed at the same time with the radial, angular, axial deviation normal work, specific installation deviation value see the other table

JS grid coupling Basic Parameters And Main Dimensions:(JB/T 8869-2000)mm


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