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Falk T10 Steelflex Grid Couplings

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Characteristics and applications
The Falk Steelflex T10 Grid Coupling is a double-flexing, close coupled, general purpose design suited for use in four-bearing systems that combines the economy and high torque capacity of a gear coupling with the torsional flexibility of an elastomeric coupling. Backed by a 5 year lubrication warranty, the Falk T10 Steelflex coupling requires no periodic maintenance when lubricated with Falk LTG grease at installation. The T10 Steelflex Coupling features a horizontally split cover which allows for grid replacement without movement to the connected equipment. Available in 25 sizes ranging from 1020T through 1260T, the T10 Steelflex Coupling is engineered to accomodate torque loads up to 8,250,000 (lb-in) and shaft diameters up to 30 inches. Click below to configure the T10 Steelflex Grid coupling specific to your application.

Falk T10 Steelflex Grid Coupling Basic Parameters And Main Dimensions


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